About Us


 Jasmine Hernandez

Jasmine is the CEO of Una Bella Ame. She is a proud Mexican American first generation business woman. Life hasn’t always been easy for her, she grew up in poverty. She has always had big aspirations. At the age of 22 Jasmine worked two full-time jobs, not knowing her purpose in life as most millennials. As the independent woman, Jasmine decided to take a risk and become a lash technician. She decided to use her rent money to get certified as a lash technician. Little did she know she would grow an empire! From the year of 2017 Jasmine has dedicated herself to become an expert in the lash industry! From learning new techniques to teaching her students to finding some of the best products on the market, she has really dedicated herself. Jasmine encourages woman to tap into their full potential, unleash their inner confidence, and strive for success through trails and tribulation. She discovered a deep passion for serving others early in her career which helped her build a successful lash empire!